August 19th, 2017



The sun tried to murder me again today, and failed again. Take that, you big ball of gas! And I'll be ready for you when you come back tomorrow, too. Even now, the evening breeze is blowing in through my windows, carrying the evidence of your passage away into the cooling night. And I refuse to let you prevent me from going shopping tomorrow. Furthermore, I intend to buy a watermelon, full of your energy, so I can at least get some of my own back.

I'm more worried about the thunderstorm that might come up on Tuesday than I am about the sun. The chances are up to 36% now. The sun is awful, but can't start forest fires all by itself. The lightning can. We've actually been pretty lucky this year in not getting any significant fires locally. The nearest one was the other side of the lake, and so never much of a threat to us. It would be very annoying to run out of luck when the fire season is more than half over.

There's something I want to cook in the regular oven tonight, and I've been patiently waiting for the house to get cool enough for me to use that infernal (yet so useful) machine. I think it is now, and I'm very hungry die to the long delay in my dinner. I'm going to go fix it now. It will free up space in my freezer for all the frozen stuff I intend to buy tomorrow. Yes, ice cream is one of those things. More defiance of old Sol!