August 18th, 2017

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Refried Bean

The air is still again, and the roof turbine that is supposed to vent the attic is just sitting there unmoving, like a stupid hat. The turbine has become a turban. Now daylight has given way to a sultry darkness as I've watched, and now the night will take too long to cool and still not be cool enough.

The worse news is that temperatures in the forecast for the next few days have been adjusted up. It still won't get decently cool until Thursday night, but it will also be warmer in the meantime. But that's August, and August will be over in a couple of weeks. September can't possibly be as bad. Can it?

The return of the heat has also brought the return of my lethargy, and the re-muddling of my brain. I have neither energy nor ideas. I've spent the last couple of hours watching videos on YouTube, and I'll spend the next few watching shows (probably dumb) on television. I won't remember any of it, because my head is already so full of mush that no more will fit. So it goes.