August 16th, 2017


Wild Wild Life

This was the second day in a row that the house only got up to 76 degrees. I can live with that. The outdoors just got down to 75, so I've opened the windows and am enjoying the evening breeze. I doubt I'll enjoy the next four or five days, though, as the daily highs will be getting up into the nineties again and the nocturnal lows will be barely below 70. Oddly, the forecast predicts about a 25% chance of rain next Monday night. That could be enjoyable, if there isn't any fire-causing lightning that arrives with it.

Snopes just clued me in to a class action suit against a robocall outfit that made unsolicited calls on behalf of certain cruise lines from 2009 to 2014. I checked my number on the legal firm's web site and I'm eligible, so I filed an online claim for a share. Given the vast number of calls that were made the settlement is likely to be spread pretty thin, so I'm not expecting any share of it I might get to be significant, but the idea of finally getting to get something back, even a pittance, from one of those annoying robocall outfits is too delicious to pass up. I hope more of them get suits filed against them. Maybe if it costs them enough, the companies doing it (I got three calls today alone) will knock it the hell off.

There's a frozen dinner I'd rather heat up in the regular oven instead of the microwave, and as this is apt to be the last coolish night for a while I think I might do that tonight. But I ought to go check the supermarket web sites and make out my shopping list for the week first. Been on the computer most of the day and forgot to do that Wednesday task. It seems my brain is wearing out faster all the time. I'll bet the Internets is doing it to me. Maybe there'll be class action suit against the Internets some day. But by then I'll probably be too far gone to know about it. Well, if so my feral cats can file a claim for all their meals that were delayed by my Internets-induced memory failures.

And speaking of feral cats, there are way too many raccoons around here this year. I saw three last night, and the feral cats four water bowls were all befouled or overturned this morning, so more raccoons must have come around later. High time I hunted down a recipe for raccoon stew. I might have just enough hillbilly ancestry to enjoy it.