August 12th, 2017



Last night I forgot to go out and look for meteors, but there should still be some tonight. It is the Perseid shower, the one that has the best weather for spending hours outdoors. Unfortunately the waning moon is still fairly bright, having been full on the 7th, so its light will interfere with the best viewing hours, which come after midnight as the constellation Perseus rises higher in the sky.

Next year is supposed to be very good for viewing, though, as there will be no moon during the shower's peak nights. All I have to do is contrive to stay alive until then, and then not forget about it. About the only thing that could go wrong would be if clouds appeared, or a big fire filled the sky with smoke. Both are possible in August.

Aside from the meteors tonight is probably going to be a pretty dull night. No English people are scheduled to murder one another on PBS, and I don't think there's much else of interest on television. There's nothing interesting for dinner, either, and I've read most of the magazines that have arrived so far this month. A big Perseid fireball (uncommon, but known to appear now and then) would really liven things up for me, however briefly.

Now I'm going to go get my mundane tasks out of the way before nightfall. I really need to water the shrubs in the front yard, as I keep forgetting to do that. The back yard ends up getting all my attention. The neighbors are probably pissed about it, but I tend to pay no more attention to them than I do to the front yard, so I don't know for sure. NO stones have been hurled through my windows so far, so maybe not. Maybe they are ignoring me, too.