August 11th, 2017



Shopping is back to Sunday this week, so I've had to cross a couple of Friday-only sale items off of my list. Somewhat more dismal is a revision of the recent weather forecasts. Tonight was supposed to get down to 68 degrees, but now the updated forecast is saying it will be 71. I hope this upward nudging doesn't continue tomorrow night or beyond, as I really need the 67 predicted for Saturday night if I'm going to be rested on Sunday without burning fuel (and thus money) to run the air conditioner. Summer, you are being tedious!

And it's still awfully warm right now. I'm going to toss something into the microwave for my belated dinner, to help keep the kitchen tolerably balmy instead of sultry. I really wish I had the cheap, Friday-only watermelon I'd intended to buy today. I'd eat that instead of anything cooked, maybe with a bit of the bargain cheese I was also going to buy. I've found that a nice havarti with water crackers goes very well as a side dish with watermelon.

The crickets are still at their inevitable summer activity, of course, making their buzzing racket because they haven't gotten laid yet (that's why crickets chirp— it's the male's mating call. They continue to chirp after finding a mate, but much more softly.) I swear, it's worse than living next door to a frat house. And while they do make good fishing bait (the small crickets, not frat boys), I don't go fishing, so I don't even get that compensation from putting up with their noise.

I haven't checked to see what's on television tonight yet. I ought to go do that now, just in case. I don't recall anything good recurring on Fridays anymore, at least before Colbert comes on at 11:35, but I'm tired of sitting in this hot room on this hard chair and pecking away at this keyboard. I might go outside to cool off just a bit first. Maybe I'll see a cricket snatched up by a bat while I'm there. Schadenfreude!