July 23rd, 2017

caillebotte_man at his window


As last night never got very cold, and the air was too still to turn the turbine that's supposed to remove heat from my attic, the house only got down to 74 degrees by this morning. Rather than spend another utterly miserable day, I turned the air conditioner on long enough (it took about half an hour) to get the place down to 70 degrees. It's a good thing I did, as it's back up to 82 right now, and it's still 88 outside so I'm sure it's going to get even hotter in here before I can open the windows. I'm so glad I went shopping Friday, though. Spending too much time outside today I would have roasted. But inside I managed to not become too miserable until about an hour ago.

And starting tomorrow I will get a couple of days of respite, with a cool night Monday so I can be less irritable when I go to the chiropractor on Tuesday. Later in the week it will heat up yet again, and next weekend hell will return yet again. So it goes, until it's gone. With luck it will be gone by mid-September. Then I'll have to find something else besides the heat to annoy me. No problem. I've always been able to do that.

Right now I have to go out and put some fresh water in the feral cats' bowls, and do a bit of plant watering as well. There's a fine line to walk between a dead landscape and an overdrawn bank account due to an enormous water bill. If I do it right I can avoid both... I hope. This must be done before nightfall, so I can see what I'm watering. It's a drag to use a bunch of water and then discover that it was just soaking a useless patch of gravel or the dead lawn instead of the ground cover.

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