July 14th, 2017

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Heat, Heat, Go Away

So I went shopping today after all, and spent too much money and still forgot three things I need (one of them I didn't know I needed until I got home and found that the nephew had used it up at some point without telling me. The other two I just plain forgot. Heat-related brain failure.) But now I will get at least three decent meals this week.

Hell is scheduled to return tomorrow, and continue through Monday. Monday night ought to be no more than a nightmare, and the mere nightmare could continue through next Friday, with hell returning again for the weekend. This summer is like being forced to stay at the devil's Airbnb every few days, and getting overcharged for it.

The nearbyish fire, now 96% contained and not much expanded from yesterday, brought us another colorful sunset, so I had two reason to enjoy having the sun go down tonight. It should get more-or-less coolish for a few hours outdoors, but the attic has so much eat stored up that the house will surely be uncomfortably warm all night as that heat radiates down through the ceiling.

The computer decided to act up this evening, and that sucked an hour out of my life. For that reason I haven't had dinner yet. I'd save the good dinner for tomorrow night, when I might have more time, but I fear the nephew might show up and eat it before I get a chance, so I'm going to go fix it now.