May 19th, 2017



The computer was acting up again today, in pretty much the same way it was yesterday, when it refused to fetch any Internet whatsoever, but I didn't feel like dealing with it so spent most of the morning watching old movies on TCM. Then a last minute change in plans sent me grocery shopping this afternoon after all. Because they didn't have a couple of the Friday specials I'd intended to buy I spent less money than I might have, so it worked out okay, and I'll avoid going out on Sunday which is supposed to be very hot. Today was hot enough, though it has cooled nicely this evening and I'll be able to accumulate lots of cool air I can hoard tomorrow.

After returning from the stores I thought more about the recalcitrant computer, and remembered the usual recommendation the Indian guys who claim to be named George or Steve (or whatever western name) have made when I've called AT&T's help line in the past— first, try rebooting the router. I did that, and the problem vanished. I'm back on the Internets now, and hope that I can stay here. Thanks, Anup, Devesh, Krishnayya, Ravi, and/or Somesh (which, for me at least, are as easy to say as— and no harder to remember than— George or Steve.)

The remaining foxtails in the back back yard are drying out fast. I yanked up a bunch of them today, and will probably yank more tomorrow, if I can get out there before the day gets too hot. I got something stuck under a fingernail while yanking, though, and it's been annoying me ever since. Some of the other plants that come up with the bunches of foxtails have stickers on them which, though very small, are also rather painful. I should have garden gloves, I suppose.

Also I watered a few plants this eveing, ahead of the worst of the heat wave. It's going to be costly to keep them alive this summer. The new water rates are high, though some of the drought-imposed restrictions have been lifted. I can water any day of the week again, and don't have to do it before ten in the morning or wait until after eight at night. That means I can avoid doing it during the peak mosquito period in the evening. I forgot about that today, and the little buggers were buzzing all around me as I watered in the gathering dusk.

Oh, look how late it is. That's what I get for not remembering about rebooting the router earlier in the day. No failing memory goes unpunished, I guess.