May 18th, 2017



My spendthrift next door neighbor has his air conditioner going tonight. He must be made of money. My house is only 68 degrees, and will probably get down to 66 or so before morning. I'm hoping to get through the next ten hot days without turning my air conditioner on at all. The nights are predicted to be cool, so I should be able to keep the house comfortable as long as I don't sleep too late in the mornings with my windows still open and let the day's heat get in.

Earlier in the week there was some discussion of the possibility of going shopping tomorrow, but I've heard nothing about it today, so it's probably not going to happen. That's not entirely a bad thing, as Safeway has several Friday sale times I'd have bought, even though I don't need them. Better to save that money (about fifteen bucks) for next week, when cash will otherwise be very short. I can live without cake or Triscuits or granola bars or potato salad.

Oh, rats, my browser is running out of memory again. It never did that in the old days. Change should keep off of my lawn!

And CRASH! thank goodness for LJ's restore draft feature. But I won't press my luck. I'm going to let the machine go back to sleep. I need to go fix my long-delayed dinner anyway.