May 4th, 2017

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A soft breeze is still blowing from the south, as it does in the evening after a hot day, and my amphibian neighbors along the stream to the east are croaking softly. I don't know if the wind will do what it did last night. Around midnight it reversed, and from a mile away I could hear it rushing down the canyon of the Feather River. It's easy to imagine that the sound it makes is the river itself, engorged with spring snow-melt, but it is only wind. Here, the breezes remained soft, but from the north instead of the south. It sin't going to be anywhere near as warm tomorrow, so maybe there isn't enough energy beyond the mountains to generate such a high wind tonight.

Sadly, both of the rains predicted for next week in last night's forecast have been canceled. That means irrigation time is upon us, and as I want to keep the bushes alive I won't be able to spare any water for the lawns and they will soon turn brown. A couple of rainstorms would have kept them fairly green through much of May, and might even have caused a bit more growth, but now, unless the forecast changes again or some vary late rain shows up, the grass is probably at its peak for the season right now.

The pollen is increasing. I haven't done much sneezing today, but my breathing has felt a bit labored, as though the air had gotten thicker. Perhaps the pollen will diminish over the next week as the cooler weather moves in. It's supposed to drop back into the 70s tomorrow. I've made arrangements to shop tomorrow, too. Safeway has a couple of Friday-only sale items I'd like to get, so I hope the plan doesn't fall through. With the lower temperature it should be a pleasant enough day, though the crowds in the stores might be a bit annoying. But then I'll have Sunday free, so fair exchange.

Time for late dinner.