March 8th, 2017

caillebotte_the orangerie


So I remembered to call the chiropractor today, but it turns out that he is only in the office three days a week now, and Wednesday isn't one of them, so I still don't have an appointment. As he only works three hours a day, it is apt to take a very long time to get an appointment. If I can remember two days in a row, and I'm awake at the right time, I'll call again tomorrow. With luck I might get an adjustment sometime before the end of April.

As predicted, it was almost balmy again today, but the most notable change in the forecast is that it will get much warmer than previously expected over the next few days, and Sunday could get all the way up to 74 degrees. That's definitely spring. It also means I get to have my windows open for a few hours, possibly even as early as Friday, when it will be 71. It's going to be nice to have the house aired out. It's been stuffy in here for so long.

Of course it also means that allergy season is almost upon me. I'd better check my supply of tissues, as there is bound to be sneezing. There will also be bees. I had one buzzing me on the back porch this afternoon, and their numbers will probably burgeon rapidly. Also, despite a prediction of more rain being possible a week from tomorrow, I might have to do some irrigating to make sure the plants don't start withering almost before they've begun to grow. That will be about ten days without rain, and with the warmer days the ground could dry out pretty fast.

I'll also have to give some attention to the leaves that I've left on the back lawn all winter. They are scattered,not a thick blanket, but the grass would still probably prefer to get full sunshine. Maybe I'll rake them tomorrow, if I get out there before the day gets too warm for such exertion.

Oh, rats. I just remembered I didn't check the supermarket ads yet today. I should do that before I go off to see what the television has on it. Then the computer will want a nap, considering that I forgot to turn it off last night and it has now been running since yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I'm not a computer belonging to the likes of me.