February 25th, 2017



It was very slightly less cold today, thanks to a few hours of sunshine, but we did get a brief hailstorm this afternoon. There is still a slight chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday, but it probably won't amount to much. Tonight and the next couple of nights could get below freezing, but not by much. I'm still looking forward to the somewhat milder days that are predicted to arrive in the middle of the week, but this late in the season it gets unstable, so I might be disappointed.

Last night I did manage to get almost eight hours of sleep in a row, which is more than I've had for several days. It as probably because I didn't want to get out from under the cozy covers. I'm sure I won't want to tonight, either. In fact I'd like to get under them right now, but there are dishes to wash first. I'll get on with it.