February 23rd, 2017


The Weirdness, It Freezes

The feral cats' water bowls did indeed freeze last night. They'll freeze again tonight. I'm avoiding the outdoors myself, as I don't fancy using the computer standing up, and if I go out I'm sure to freeze my buns off. But the rain that was supposed to arrive this weekend has mostly been canceled. There still might be a bit on Sunday, though maybe not, but I'll still probably be going shopping tomorrow instead.

And it's probably a good thing the rain has been probably canceled because there is now so much snow on top of the mountains that the peaks are like to get crushed. Warm rain this spring will be endangering the dams again, I'm sure, when all that snow starts to melt. If we get lucky and don't get those warm rains then there could be skiing into July. This has all gotten just too weird. I'm going to pretend I'm not in California anymore. It's too stressful.