February 4th, 2017



Yikes. I didn't post an entry yesterday. It's because my sleep schedule went crazy again, and I ended up falling asleep in front of the television very early in the evening and then waking up after midnight. That's the real story, but I've decided to make up an excuse, in the spirit of the times: I got caught up in the Bowling Green Massacre, and couldn't get to a computer in time to post.

Aside from the alternate massacre and the sleep disruption, the day was rather dull. There was quite a bit of rain early on, and then many hours of thin fog that lent a romantic edge to the dullness, undercut by the fact that the wind never ceased all day— at least during the part of it that I was awake. As it was blowing when I was last out this last evening and still blowing when I woke up after midnight I'm guessing it might have lasted the whole time.

I was unable to arrange shopping for Saturday, so either I'll go Sunday and I'll most likely get wet, or it will be delayed until Monday and I just might get wet. If it gets delayed to Tuesday I'l almost certainly get wet, and if if is delayed longer I might as well wait until next week because I'll have missed this week's sales. Getting wet would be better than that.

Tonight the persistent foglet is softening the glare from the two lights beyond my back fence, but is also revealing a few more distant lights— probably porch lights— that are usually hidden. Tonight they show themselves as ghostly emanations hovering above hedges and trees and rooftops in the fog. It's slightly warmer than last night, so I spent some time watching them and listening to the chorus of frogs that is still croaking.

In those moments when the breeze dies down it is not unpleasant out, but when it picks up again the chill drives me indoors. I don't know when I'll get back to sleep. Perhaps I'll still be awake when dawn arrives, though if the fog is still here then it won't seem much like a real dawn. That's reasonable, as tonight doesn't seem quite real itself. Maybe I didn't wake up, and I'm just dreaming. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow later today and see if this entry actually exists. If it doesn't, please ignore it.

Pitter-patterless Evening

It now looks like if I get home by five o'clock tomorrow evening I won't have to get very wet on my shopping trip. It would have been better to have gone today, as it hasn't rained in several hours. Once it starts coming down tomorrow evening, though, it's expected to fall almost continuously through Friday afternoon.

It remains to be seen whether there will be flood warnings in the valley at any point. So far there are none, but the ground here on the piedmont is so saturated already that I can't imagine everything that falls this week not running off into the rivers and streams almost immediately. Locally it's expected to add up to seven or eight inches over the course of the week, and by the end of it Lake Oroville could be brimming. I'd like to go take a look at it full, but probably won't get the chance.

The feral cats probably enjoyed the mostly rainless day, and went off to explore their territory. The birds were active in my yard, though, probably in part because the cats weren't around. I was treated to a few songs from a pair of small, grayish-brown birds, but didn't recognize it. They must have been visitors displaced from their usual range by the odd weather. Of course there were also some acorn woodpeckers, but they didn't hang around for long.

Tonight it's the frog chorus that's filling the air again. The air is a bit warmer tonight, and has grown mostly still, so I've spent a bit more time listening to my amphibian neighbors. Their song is not as relaxing as a cat purring, but it will do in a pinch. There's nothing to look at, though, as the sky is till cloudy. I've totally lost track of what phase the moon is in. I could look it up on the Internet, but I'd rather wait until next week to see for myself. I've had enough Internet for tonight.