February 1st, 2017


Before the Storm

So it was overcast all day, and a thin fog lingered until nightfall. Now the overcast has thinned and a few stars have appeared, but it is supposed to cloud up again, and rain is expected tomorrow. In fact rain is possible every day through a week from Friday. It's going to be wet and monotonous for the next ten days. I might have a hard time telling one day from another. I mean more than usual. Saturday is predicted to be the least rainy day, so maybe I can arrange to go shopping then instead of on soggy Friday or Sunday.

One of the feral cats has built itself a nest in a pile of leaves that I raked a couple of days ago. I intended to get the leaves into the wheelie bins before the rain began, but it looks like that won't happen now. The cat will probably be happy. It must be warmer in that nest than it is in the chair on the porch, or even inside the cupboard.

My sleep was a bit less odd today than it has been for the previous few days, but I still didn't wake up until about one o'clock in the afternoon. That makes me a bit less muddle-headed and morose than I was yesterday. But not by much. For example, I just forgot the next line I'd had in mind. Nope, can't remember. I think I'll just flake now. But I wish snow would flake. It would be a break from the impending monotony of rain.