January 11th, 2017

beavis and butthead


The frogs are not as loud tonight as they've been the last couple of nights. I don't know if that's because it's gotten colder or if they just miss the rain. If they miss the rain I don't sympathize with them (for now, at least, but ask me next summer), but if they are cold I do, and my feral cats probably do too. The cats got a bit of sun today but it was cloudy much of the afternoon, and I heard more than a few disgruntled meows from them. I don't know what the sky was like this morning because I slept until almost noon.

Then for most of the afternoon I was attached to the computer, making up for lost time. I'm almost regretting being back online when I recall how leisurely my days were while I had no computer. Trying to read everything I come across is stressful, but it's a compulsion. I was probably better off years ago when all I had was a daily newspaper and a few magazine subscriptions. Now I've got an endless supply of web sites. It's an embarrassment of digital riches. And I didn't even get around to my usual Wednesday task of making out my shopping list for the week. Where does the time go?

I didn't watch either of the media events today. I'm sure I'll be seeing abstracts of both of them— even the one I really never want to see. But isn't it interesting that DJ T-Rump scheduled his first press conference in six months on the day of President Obama's farewell address? (Or was it the morning after? I lose track of stuff fast these days.) Either way, the Donald reminds me of a toddler who makes a spectacle of himself on his sibling's birthday, just because he can't stand to not be the center of attention for even an hour. Sad.

Oh, look how late it is. I need to go eat something, and it will have to be something that will heat up quickly, because I'm turning that television on at eleven o'clock. Goodnight, Internets.