rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Tonight is supposed to be the coolest night in a week, and I really need it. Because my transportation fell through I was unable to keep my appointment with the chiropractor today, and the hot nights have caused me to get all twisted about while sleeping, leaving my back and (in particular) my neck in pretty bad shape. I hope I can get an appointment (and a ride) for next Tuesday. Any longer than that and I'm going to be miserable.

The smoke from the fire at the south end of the county has made for somewhat more colorful sunsets than are normal for summer, but the real spectacle has been moonrise. A few nights ago when it was full the moon looked like a giant orange for half an hour, until it cleared the band of haze hovering above the mountains. Fortunately the smoke has mostly been rising instead of spreading out across the landscape, so I haven't had to inhale much of it. The scent is faint— just enough to make me grateful that it isn't stronger.

Today brought another early rising due to the discomfort, and then another exhaustion nap in late afternoon. It is cooling off fairly quickly outdoors, though, and the freshness is a tremendous relief. I think the house might actually get comfortable before dawn tonight. In the meantime, there is plenty of ice for cold drinks, and I think I might avoid eating a full meal and have a bowl of popcorn instead.

I think the waning moon should be coming up right about now, and I want to go out and watch it for awhile. Maybe it will be orange again. It will probably induce me to buy a bottle of orange soda at the grocery outlet next time I go shopping. It's been along time since I've had any, and summer makes me want to regress to the time I enjoyed the heat. Yes, orange soda will be apropos to that.


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