November 8th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Both computer and Internet connection have been unreliable again today, but this appears to be a moment of opportunity. Maybe it will work now. Maybe it will work tomorrow. One never knows.

Something that isn't going to work tomorrow is my transportation to my appointment with the chiropractor. It has been canceled, and so I must wait another week to be adjusted. Perhaps it is best that I don't go out on election day, anyway. This year there are bound to be loonies about. It does seem likely that the world will still be intact a week from tomorrow. If it is going to fall apart, it probably won't be until next year.

There's about half a moon out tonight, and half a moon is better than none, so I'm going to go watch it for a while. There aren't many more nights coming up that will be mild enough for watching the sky, and I should take advantage of this one.

Edit: Computer and Internet connection were too slow to meet the deadline.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Haven't turned on the television yet, and have avoided all those web sites that might have news on them. What I'm going to do is eat something with lots of butter on it. Heart attacks? Hah! I laugh at heart attacks!

I'm also going to drink. I have plenty of vodka, which I can mix with grapefruit juice and a lemon flavored sparkling water. It's not very sweet, but what is sweet anymore?

This evening I heard small crickets in the distance. I'd have though they'd all have been dead by now. I wonder if it's an omen?