November 5th, 2016


Friday on Saturday

There was no entry for Friday because my Idernet connection slowed to less than sloth speed and stopped loading pages or fetching email at all. This is probably due to the continued deterioration of the cable from the house to the street. The last time a lineman checked it he put a spray coating on it, but the coating is now flaking away. I have no idea when AT&T will get around to replacing it, but if they don't do it soon I'll end up unconnected. At that point I'd probably be forced to get Idernet service from the only affordable non-bankrupting alternative which, in this neck of the woods, is (alas) Comcast.

But not having a connection was not disastrous today, as I had other things to do anyway, and the afternoon was quite pleasant, affording me time to laze about in the yard watching the feral cats enjoy what might turn out to have been the last balmy day until next spring. I couldn't get to physically active as my neck is on the verge of going out of joint again, which is normal for the fourth week after an adjustment. My next appointment with the chiropractor is Tuesday, and it will be quite welcome.

Today is to be decidedly non-balmy, and predicted to be at a good fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday. Oddly, Saturday night is expected to be a bit warmer than tonight is. The chance of rain on Sunday has dropped to a mere ten percent, which makes it unlikely. The next day likely to bring rain is next Saturday. I'd rather have the rain a bit more frequently than that, as it would eliminate all need of irrigating any part of the yard. As it is, the dry spell will force me to water the jasmine hedge and the roses, at least, and probably a couple of other shrubby plants. The lawn can just suffer.

I'm awake at an ungodly hour, and will now try to get some sleep, lest I end up sleeping until sunset. I was just about to go to sleep at one o'clock when I decided to check the computer one last time to see if it was working again yet, and it was, and now I've spent three hours at it. At least I'll get an extra hour Saturday night/Sunday morning, when the clocks must be set back. It's nice having the clock on the cable box, which resets itself. I sometimes used to forget to change them, but now there is technology to remind me to set the other clocks. And this technology came along just in time for the onset of my dementia, which will soon likely cause me to forget altogether what time even is!
city hall 1880's

Clock Night

My computer went sluggy on me again this evening. I hope this isn't going to be a nightly event. Fortunately there was stuff worth watching on television, and now that there's a break in that, the computer has started semi-working again. Good timing.

The day was a bit warmer than predicted, but I was still able to have the windows open for only about an hour and a half. The thin clouds that arrived this afternoon have thickened, and I'm not seeing many stars. It now seems possible that there will be some rain tonight after all, but it will probably be done by the time I go shopping tomorrow. I'll also have to go to the laundromat, as my washing machine still hasn't been repaired. All this on a day when the sun will be setting an hour earlier.

Oh, and Tuesday the AT&T guy is supposed to be here, but I also have an appointment with the chiropractor, which means I have to arrange for somebody to be here that afternoon if the AT&T guy doesn't get here and done with whatever he has to do early enough. Two busy days in one week. I rarely get this much excitement crammed into so short a time.

Even though I didn't get up very early today I'm feeling a bit groggy. I should go change my non-automatic clocks now, so I don't forget, just in case I fall asleep watching television again. And one of the stores has butter on sale tomorrow, so I can afford to use some of what I've got left on popcorn. It's a good night for popcorn, if I can stay awake long enough to make it.