October 12th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Storm Watch

The continuing cooling trend led to the furnace coming on for a while early this morning. However, the day still grew warm enough that I was able to have the windows open for about five hours. This might have been the last day this year that I was able to do that. They will surely have to remain closed tomorrow, but there might be a couple of days toward the end of next week when I'll be able to get some fresh air into the house. Tomorrow the cold arrives, and the rain is likely to being tomorrow night.

The big rain will be Friday, growing less intense on Saturday, and then a second wave of the storm will arrive Sunday and continue through Monday. I'm probably going to get soaked when I go shopping this week. But I'm actually more worried about my feral cats. One can take refuge in the garage, but she won't tolerate the others being in there. Four or more days of rain will be very unpleasant for them. At least the nights will not be as cold as they will be when winter arrives.

I didn't get around to checking the market web sites and making up my shopping list today, and I should probably do that now. If I put it off too long I might be without Idernet because of the rain, and I'm sure I'll need those digital coupons they hand out on their sites to stay within my budget. There might be some pretty strong winds with these storms, too, and that increases the likelihood of power outages. en I'd not only have no Idernet, but no television, and I'd have to pop my popcorn on the stove top instead of in the microwave.

Still I'm looking forward to getting some rain. I'm sure some of my plants are at death's door, and a few I suspect have already gone to the big farm in the sky (actually non-existent, except in metaphor.) Crossing the nearest year-round stream Sunday I noted that it is no more than a trickle connecting a few muddy puddles. As that particular stream is spring fed, that's a very bad sign, and probably a consequence of the drought of recent years. We really need some snow this year, but even the rain will be welcome.

Shopping list time.