September 26th, 2016



There's a fly in my room. Its iridescent coloring is really quite beautiful, but I wish I could get the damned thing out of here. It's annoying me. Earlier there was another flying insect, but tiny, trying to immolate itself in my lamp. It, too, was annoying. I think it was a small moth of some sort, and not a mosquito. I haven't been bitten by mosquitoes often this year, and I think they might have lost interest in me. Perhaps, as I age, I'm not as tasty as I once was.

While I've been able to avoid using the air conditioner during the recent hot days, the fan has been running all night trying to get some coolness into the house. Last night it was not entirely successful, but I'm hoping tonight will be better, and that tomorrow night I'll be able to turn it off before midnight. The biggest surprise in the forecast is that there's a 20% chance of rain on Sunday, and a 60% chance next Monday. I'm already salivating over the prospect of having a cup of hot tea and some shortbread cookies while watching the rain fall. Of course it might not happen. Autumn weather is not very predictable.

Yikes. Not only is there a fly in the room, I just had an ant crawling across my monitor. There's also a tiny spider spinning a tiny web on the lamp. The spider is much to small to catch that fly, sadly. But what's the deal with all the sudden fauna? I think they're telling me its time to gt out of here. Television is probably safe to watch now that the debate is over. I won't have to fix any dinner, because I ate dinner for lunch. I'll probably make some popcorn later if I get peckish.

That spider is getting awfully close to my face. I'm out of here.