September 20th, 2016

caillebotte_man at his window

Well Seasoned

A slight cooling trend not only made the day more pleasant, but allowed some nice clouds to form in the mostly blue sky. They were wispy things, but still nice to watch as they expanded and contracted and drifted hither and yon. Somehow the trees always look nicer when there are a few clouds to set them off, so even the landscape was improved.

It's been a couple of days since I've heard the strange bird that was hanging out in the nearby pines all summer. I don't know what became of it. It might have returned to wherever it came from and will find others of its own kind when it gets to wherever they normally spend their time. I'll be interested to see if it, or others of its species, show up here again next summer. It had an enjoyable, if rather loud, call, so it might be nice to have a whole flock of them here. As long as I don't get too many of them nesting too close to my house.

Birds in general have been pretty scarce here of late. It's been a few days since I heard a woodpecker, and the flocks of small birds that sometimes visit to feed on seeds (or bugs?) in my lawns have been absent. I haven't even seen any crows for some time. While the absence of jays has been a nice change (they tend to screech annoyingly) I do miss the others.

My increasing forgetfulness has led to what might be the death of my sourgrass. It usually dies back in summer if I don't water it frequently, but this year I have been so remiss that I fear it might have given up completely. Last year I lost three clumps of it, but this year the remaining clumps look so bad that I am almost certain they will not recover when the rains come. Collateral damage of the early stages of dementia.

And speaking of forgetful, I was just reminded by an entry in another journal that I have some spaghetti sauce that needs to be used tonight. I was wondering what I would eat, and now I know— provided it, too, has not lost its will to remain spaghetti sauce and become a petri dish for some mysterious species of mold. It it has, then I'll end up dressing my pasta with olive oil and a bit of Parmesan cheese.

Ah, the cool evening breeze feels nice, but I won't be able to leave the windows open all night tonight. It's supposed to get quite chilly, and tomorrow will be cool, so I'll have to conserve at least some of today's warmth. Thursday is expected to be even cooler, with the high dropping below seventy degrees for the first time in months, and the first nocturnal low in the forties in about as long. Autumn is going to begin with autumnal weather after all! It will warm up a bit again after that, so open-window season is not entirely over, but it's a taking a couple of days off. I'm planning on baked potatoes tomorrow, and there will soon be popcorn for sure. Fall at last!