September 12th, 2016



Some clouds began forming this afternoon, and by evening they had taken over about half the sky. At nightfall the air smelled damp, as is does before a rainstorm. But, alas, the clouds soon began to thin and dissipate, and now the waxing moon is shining brightly in the cleared sky. It then occurred to me that the damp I smelled might have resulted from the watering of the shrubs I'd done just before sunset. Ah, well. It was a nice fantasy.

The good news is that I was able to leave the windows open all day, and only closed them a bit before nightfall when it began getting chilly outside. It's supposed to get quite chilly tonight, and tomorrow will be somewhat mild, but not mild enough to take the chill off the house, and I fear that I might have to be turning the furnace on already. But if so it will only be for a night or two, as it's expected to get warm again later this week. Nights will remain cool, though, so I'm quite sure there'll be no more need of the air conditioner.

This would have been a good night to bake a potato, but I forgot that I had them. My memory has gotten very, very short. As it got too late to wait for a potato to bake I just heated a can of soup. It was very nice for a change. I'm leaving a note to myself to bake a potato tomorrow night.

Chiropractor tomorrow. I won't forget that. My neck is reminding me right now. Ouch.