August 28th, 2016

caillebotte_man at his window


Some days are just hard to conjure up once they're over. If I try hard enough I can summon bits and pieces, a few stray images, but for the most part today just went away. I remember that it happened, but now that it has it amounts to nothing. A few items from the stores are all the physical evidence that it ever was, and I feel this vague dissatisfaction from the fact that I don't want to eat any of what I bought even though I'm getting hungry.

I'll eventually eat something, of course, because eating is my excuse for drinking the bottle of beer that is the thing I really want. That's one of the few things I bought, and that part of the day I do remember, even down the the sound of the refrigerator door opening and the smell of the cold air that spilled from it, and the feel of the cardboard handle of the carton in my hand. I wish I had bought something to eat that would be as memorable.

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