August 12th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I got hung up on something and totally forgot to post a journal entry yesterday. It's been getting warmer and my brain has been slowing down again. The computer slows down, too. We are both getting to old for this. Maybe we will go into a home together. I will eat tapioca and the computer will wonder why it doesn't have a cat sleeping on it anymore. It's because Portia will have to stay here and look after the house. I'll miss her, but I wouldn't trust anyone else as a house sitter.

I think I need a nap.


I forgot last night's Perseid meteor shower until an LJ post reminded me, but then I was unable to see anything because the people over my back fence had left their back porch light on. It was on all night, and I had nothing to shot it out with. The glare prevented my eyes from adjusting to the surrounding dark, so I gave up watching. Last night was the peak, and there could be more meteors tonight, though undoubtedly fewer. If the neighbors' light is off I might try again, though even without the light there is the issue of the tall trees next door to the north, which is the part of the sky from which the Perseids radiate and thus the place they are most likely to be seen.

If all fails I can always look at the photos at, where they will also be showing streaming video from NASA tonight (starting 10:00 EDT, which is right now.) But photos and video on the Internets is never quite the same thing as the reality. Especially since the nocturnal weather is so pleasant right now. It's a shame to be stuck in front of a screen in a too-warm house when I could be outside where the crickets sing through the fresh, cool air.

I've sort of skipped dinner for the last three nights as by the time I get hungry I've run out of energy for cooking. Last night I just opened a can of soup and heated up a couple of stale rolls. Tonight I might have enough energy to fry something and steam a vegetable, but I ought to get started soon. That means no opening of any more web sites, and leaving the television turned off until everything is done. It's probably a good thing I didn't go shopping today, even though Safeway had its tasty pudding ring cakes on sale for half price. Had I gone I'd have cake, but no energy, and I'd have ended up eating desert for dinner. I'm better off not doing such things.