July 30th, 2016


Respite Due

With luck, this will be the last night that is way too hot until dawn. Way too hot in this case will be 68 degrees. That's less way too hot than last night, but it still means the air conditioner will have to be on until around three o'clock in the morning. Then the fan and the open windows will probably get the house down to 70, and if I get the windows closed early enough I'll then be able to keep the house below 80 tomorrow, and maybe even not have to use the air conditioner at all, if the evening cools fast enough. I'm heartily sick of the heat wave, and wish it back to hell where it originated.

Definitely not looking forward to tomorrow's shopping trip, even though the high is to be in mere double digits for the first time in days. My shopping list is short, but the distance there and back is the same as always, and the asphalt of the parking lots will probably stick to my shoes. I won't dare buy anything frozen, even with the ice chest to put it in. I do intend to buy a watermelon, though, if there are any decent ones on sale. Ought to have bought one last week, but better late than never. I also must replenish my supply of beverages, as I've just about exhausted them this week.

Tonight I've got some chili beans for dinner. Probably not ideal, but with the air conditioner on it shouldn't be too bad. I need something at least semi-solid in my stomach. I could probably swallow a tug boat and it would float, but it wouldn't be very tasty.

Watered some of the back yard. It's amazing how fast the oleanders dried out in this heat. I'd failed to notice that their flowers were all turning brown, because they are so far from the house and my eyesight has gotten so bad, and of course I never walk out that far during hot weather. Ah, how nice it was back in the days when I didn't mind getting out in the heat. I don't suppose I'll see their like again.