July 9th, 2016

caillebotte_the orangerie


Oops, I did it again— fell asleep last night before having written a journal entry. I had every intention of returning to the computer to write one, but dinner and beer and the television conspired to knock me out long before midnight. Portia probably didn't help by curling up next to me and purring. So the computer stayed on alone all night, and the dinner dishes remained unwashed when I woke up around five o'clock this morning. Because I was still tired, I then just turned off the computer, took some food to the feral cats, and went back to sleep. I didn't get up until half past twelve this afternoon.

I failed to close the windows when I was up at five o'clock, so it's a good thing today turned out to have been the coolest in a long time. Numerous scattered clouds provided quite a bit of intermittent shade, which doubtless helped. When I finally closed the windows after waking for the second time, the house had only gotten up to 72 degrees, and it never got above 74 all day. It shouldn't take at all long to cool off this evening, and I'll probably be able to turn the fan off before midnight and close the windows not long after. I'm pretty sure I'll be awake then, as I've slept about twelve hours altogether since last night. I just hope I can get to sleep early enough to get up early enough tomorrow to be ready to go shopping on time.

It's been quite breezy today, too. We're still getting occasional mild gusts, but around three to five o'clock this afternoon it was almost constant wind, with some very strong gusts. When the clouds covered the sun it felt almost chilly out. The very good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be cooler still, and even though it will warm up again after that, no highs in the 90s are forecast until next Wednesday. The nights are to remain cool, too, and if the forecast holds, this will have been one of the longest and most pleasant breaks from the heat we've had here in any July since I arrived.

The one unpleasant consequence of the southerly wind that brought the cool day is that it also brought smoke from the fire in El Dorado County. The smoke isn't thick enough to see, but I can smell it now and then. It was more noticeable earlier in the day. The perimeter of the fire is out, and the smoke now is only from islands of vegetation still burning in the burned-over area, and those will be out soon enough, so maybe tomorrow I won't be smelling any smoke. At least as long as no more fires get started within smelling distance.

As the evening is so cool I'm contemplating a dinner involving something baked. I haven't decided on what just yet, but there are a couple of possibilities. There's also a frozen apple pie I never got around to baking last winter, so maybe I'll make that, too. They happen to be on sale at Safeway this week, so I could replace it tomorrow. Sweet.