July 7th, 2016



My LJ friends page hasn't shown me any new posts since 3:25 this afternoon. As it's highly unlikely that nobody has tried to post anything for more than four hours, I'm posting this test entry to see if it shows up when I refresh the page. Of if it posts at all.

Well, here it is, posted. I still find it hard to believe that there have been no other new posts in all this time, especially since I subscribe to some pretty active communities and feeds. And of course I have no idea if this is showing up on anybody else's friends pages. If nothing else shows up by tomorrow I'll submit a support request, unless LJ come up with an explanation on their own.

A helicopter just flew over my house. It was red and white, so it wasn't one of those black UN helicopters that are supposed to be coming to kill all my paranoid conspiracy theorist neighbors. I sure wish they'd hurry up and get here and do their job so my feral cats could have more free space to run around in. It would cut way down on the traffic, too, and make the area quieter in general. I blame bureaucratic incompetence for the long delay.

It's much cooler in here tonight than last night, and shouldn't take long to get quite pleasant. English people will murder one another on television at nine o'clock, and that should be pleasant, too. I have just about enough time to go out and see if I can spot the crescent moon and then fix myself a sandwich before the murders begin.

I can' turn the computer off yet, though, because I never got around to visiting the supermarket web sites and making my shopping list for the week. I like to have that done before Friday morning. I'll try to remember to do that after the murdering.

Sure hope LJ fixes itself.Or somebody posts something so I know the world is still there.