June 30th, 2016


Ech Summer

Browser crash again tonight. I feel as though Sluggo had come back to life. If he has, then he's doing better than I am. Last night I fell asleep before getting the windows open, so the house started out terribly warm today and got worse. I've been pretty much a zombie all day.

I finally turned on the air conditioner, and then got a bit more sleep, but it's hot again tonight so I don't know how the night will go. I'm not sure I really care. At this point I'd just as soon go back to sleep and not wake up until October. But Portia and the feral cats would be very upset of that happened, so I probably wouldn't hibernate even if I could.

For now I'm just going to let the dying computer rest and I'll go watch television. Maybe it will distract me from my desire to crawl into the refrigerator and suffocate in comfort.