June 29th, 2016


Summery Rant

The slightly lower temperature we were supposed to get today was replaced with a somewhat higher temperature. It was 109 degrees. Having the air conditioner on since about nine o'clock tonight has done nothing to reinvigorate me. The summer doldrums still have me feeling like a damp rag. A hot damp rag. The forecast is again promising a cooler day tomorrow, but I'm beginning to think the forecast tells nothing but lies, at least about the daytime highs, and so I expect that tomorrow it will get so hot that I will burst into flames the first time I go out the door.

The forecast has been right about the nights being rather warm, though. It has been getting down to just below seventy, and tonight is apt to be the same. That's nowhere near low enough to cool the house, and thus the air conditioner is on.

Oh, browser crash. Good thing LJ has a "restore draft" function now. Or, on rereading what I've written, maybe not a good thing.

My Internets connection has been flaking on me all evening, too. I'm thinking that is also heat related. It can't be water related this time unless very sweaty linemen are climbing the poles and dripping on the equipment.

But I think I'm going to have to quit this stuff while I'm not impossibly behind. I have something for making a sandwich, though I've already gone through the week's supply of lemonade. There are a couple of bottles of fruit juices I haven't polished off yet, so I can get started on those. I should definitely eat something, though, because I think my brain just dropped about twenty percent of its capacity.

Oh, summer. Go screw yourself instead of me for a change.