June 23rd, 2016


Murder Night

My lawns, which had been getting pretty brown, got turned somewhat green again by the recent rain. The less torrid days we've lately enjoyed have probably helped, lowering the rate of evaporation. In the shadiest parts of the yard the soil is still a bit damp, though that surely won't last for long. The upcoming heat wave, which begins Saturday, is bound to parch everything. Today was actually a bit humid, but the air will get a lot drier starting tomorrow. That's apt to hasten the evaporation, too. Watering season is definitely upon us, I fear.

I must fix dinner a bit earlier tonight, as English people will begin murdering one another on television at nine o'clock. This has nothing to do with Brexit, but if the Leavers win, there will be a lot of investors who'll be wanting to actually murder some actual English people tomorrow.

It's unlikely anybody will get murdered here, though. Except on television, and there, the more the merrier.

Ah, such a delightfully cool evening this is becoming.