June 20th, 2016

bazille_summer scene

Happy Solstice

The rare solstice full moon is up, though there's only one spot in my back yard from which I can see it clearly yet, thanks to the luxuriant summer foliage of the trees. The night has already turned quite cool, and it won't take too long for the house to get cooled off tonight. I can still smell some jasmine, but it is accompanied by a rather unpleasant smell from the roses nearby. I probably ought to have cut the aging roses today, but the smell of their decay wasn't noticeable until nightfall. I don't want to be cutting thorny plants in the dark. I'll deal with them tomorrow.

I actually spent most of the day reading stuff, and didn't get much else done. Last night's dinner dishes are still waiting to be washed. As last night's dinner was simple, there aren't many of them, and that's probably why I slacked off. Had there been a big pile it would have annoyed me enough to energize me. But it's the first day of summer, so I'll forgive myself for being un-energetic (aka lazy.)

Now that it's cooler I do have a bit more energy, and I'll be using it to put the wheelie bins out for tomorrow's trash pickup. Then I might get those dishes washed before making tonight's dinner, or maybe I'll make the dinner first since that task won't require the use of any of the dishes that are currently dirty. If I nod off to sleep after eating, well, then I'll have two nights worth of dishes to deal with tomorrow. Can I bear such excitement in my life? Probably.

The really serious heat begins tomorrow, and continues for a few days. It will get cold enough tonight that I'll be able to deep-chill the house, and that chill should be enough to keep it tolerable all day tomorrow (provided I don't oversleep and have the house get hot in the morning before I get the windows closed again.) After that I don't know. I might have to turn that air conditioner of by Wednesday or Thursday. The neighbors already have their's running. Spendthrifts.

Wheelie bins. Right.