June 19th, 2016

caillebotte_man at his window


The shopping is done for another week, but it was fairly exhausting doing it. For some reason there was an abundance of bozos everywhere I went today, and getting everything done took much longer than it usually does. I'm still not sure I bought everything I needed, but I did buy a couple of things I didn't need but which will be nice to have. Some of the extra money from the discount at Safeway went for some cheeses that are usually too expensive for me to even consider buying. There is, in particular, some nice Havarti, which I haven't had for ages. Cheap Havarti is nothing special, but the pricier brands can be quite tasty, and typically have a marvelous texture.

Although it was hotter today, the heat is not yet oppressive. The oppression will come late this week. Today all I needed to stay reasonably comfortable was remain the the shade and not move around too much. That's what I've spent most of the time since coming home from the stores doing. One of the feral cats was pleased to have me for company as I sat on the back porch, and rubbed against my leg several times. It wasn't until later that I noticed that my pant leg was coated with fur, as the warmer weather has started the cats shedding. I suppose I'll have to launder the stuff Portia has been lounging on, and get ready for an increasing number of hairballs.

I must finish this quickly as I want to get something to eat before the English people start murdering one another on television. Our local PBS channel begins running the third season of Endeavour tonight, and after that there is something else English in which I believe a Frenchman gets murdered. Obviously some British wish-fulfillment fantasy there, but it might be interesting.

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