June 15th, 2016



Today brought a couple of surprises. First, though it was supposed to get up to seventy degrees today, a layer of heavy clouds kept the actual high down in the mid-sixties. In fact the house got so chilly that I had to turn the furnace back on. The peculiar weather made the other surprise a bit ironic. It turns out that I have no gas or electric bill to pay this month. Not a sou!

What happened is that the state's Public Utilities Commission ordered PG&E to rebate some money to customers, apparently for gas overcharges the company made, and my rebate was sufficient to cover the whole bill, plus there are about eleven bucks left over to be taken off of next month's bill. I had been worried about using gas again to run the furnace, but then my non-bill bill arrived and I quit worrying. Even though I'll probably have to run the furnace for three or four days, and as many as five nights, what is left of the rebate will offset the cost next month. Thanks, PUC.

My toes are especially grateful for that rebate. They are the part of me that is most sensitive to cold, and having warm air wafting up from the floor vent under my desk is very pleasant for them. As for the cold itself, well, it would have been nice if it had arranged to spread itself out over the next week or so instead of coming on in a rush, but I'm so glad the we aren't having a heat wave that I've forgiven the extravagance. It's supposed to get over 100 degrees during the middle of next week, with nights also on the warm side, so needing the air conditioner is very likely. But then the summer solstice arrives next week, so I guess the heat is to be expected.

Naturally the crickets have fallen silent tonight. They don't like the cold weather at all. But as I won't be spending any great length of time outside tonight, their song would be wasted anyway. I'm sure they'll make up for it next week when a couple of nights will stay way up in the seventies. I'm Not looking forward to that nocturnal heat.

But tonight I can have to oven on. I think I might make those brownies I didn't get around to making last night. I have a better chance of staying awake tonight— provided I don't make my self too comfortable by piling comfy covers over myself when I'm on the couch watching television.