June 13th, 2016


Bin Night

I feel better now that the days have cooled off a bit, but I still lack energy. I thought about raking all the leaves the oak tree next door has prematurely shed onto my back yard today, but just didn't feel like actually doing it. They are getting dry and crinkly, and make a crunchy, autumnal sound when I walk on them. When I hear it, I'm not so sure I want to get rid of them yet. Some very chilly nights are due, and it might be nice to walk on the crunchy leaves by moonlight when it's cold and pretend that autumn is already here.

The moon is about half full tonight. I can't tell for sure by looking at it as my eyesight has gotten pretty blurry. Of course the Internets would tell e what stage it's at right now, but I don't want to go to the trouble of looking it up. The computer has been slow again today and Ive just about had my fill of dealing with it. Besides, tomorrow is trash day and I have to put the wheelie bins out. I'm pretty sure there are some rotted veggies in the refrigerator that I should be getting rid of, and I haven't gotten around to cleaning Portia's litter box either. So much to do when one is lazy.

At least a third of the jasmine flowers have turned brown already. I could have kept new ones growing to replace the dying ones if I'd done more watering, but water has gotten too costly. I'll just hope that the amount of watering I am doing will be sufficient to keep a few blossoms around to scent the nights until July arrives. I associate the jasmine's perfume with June, and would like to have it last until the end of the month. After that the whole town is probably going to get fried anyway, and it won't matter anymore because I'll be cowering in the house as the landscape dehydrates in the searing heat.

Tonight I will finish off the last of the pie. If it gets cold enough, and I can stay awake, I might bake some brownies to take its place. When baking at night there's always a risk that I'll fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the smoke alarm and find a ruined baking dish in the oven instead of a tasty desert. I wish my oven's timer made a louder beep than it does. Or that Portia was a more effective alarm cat.

Wheelie bins.