June 10th, 2016

bazille_summer scene

Still Nice

Just reveling in the coolness today, I sat outside for a while and watched the clouds drift by. It got pretty cloudy for a while, though it never looked like rain, and toward evening the clouds broke up and we didn't get the spectacular sunset I'd hoped for. Tomorrow is expected to be a bit warmer, but still cool enough to be pleasant. There could be more clouds so maybe I'll get my sunset tomorrow evening..Rain is still pretty much out of the question.

Somewhat disturbing, though not unexpected, is the release of the season's first fire weather warning. The humidity has gotten very low, the air is going to be quite warm, and we are expected to get some fairly stiff winds over the weekend, so fires are getting more likely, and likely to spread quickly if they get started. The wet winter means that plenty of fresh fuel grew, and now it's drying out fast and becoming increasingly combustible. The danger is supposed to be greater on the west side of the valley, though, as the wind will be stronger there. It's possible that here in the foothills we'll only get some strong intermittent breezes.

Tonight it's pretty still. I can hear a couple of crickets chirping nearby. I think there are some chirping farther off, too, but I can't be sure because the faint sound is being drowned out my my neighbor's air conditioner. Mine is not on, of course, because I know how windows work. It's kind of a waste to have a machine running when you've got free 62 degree air outside. My house never got above 72 today, and is already down to 69 degrees, and it hasn't cost a penny. When it gets down to 67 I'll close the windows and probably lose another degree or two before morning, so I'll be in good shape tomorrow.

I'm going to make something Italian for dinner now. I got a couple of jars of a pricey sauce on a buy-one-get-one-free sale at Safeway last Sunday and I'm ready to try it. I just can't make up my mind if I want the spicy marinara or the one with mushrooms and plum tomatoes. There will definitely be Parmesan cheese this time, as I bought a new tub, and I've got some stale sourdough for garlic toast. The only thing I'm short on is lettuce for the salad. I guess the salad will have to be mostly tomatoes. I can live with that.