June 8th, 2016



The coolness let me catch up on my sleep, and I also got caught up on my laundry, so I'd say it was a productive enough day. Later tonight it's supposed to get chilly outside and I look forward to shivering a bit. After dealing with so much heat, shivering becomes a luxury. Ice cream, on the other hand, remains, as always, a necessity, and I'm going to make some room in my freezer by eating some tonight. Rite Aid has Thrifty ice cream on a buy-one-get-one-free sale this week, so the space won't stay vacant for long.

The feral cats were happy with the cooler day, too, and are much livelier this evening than they've been of late. They have recovered quickly, but that's not going to be true of some of the plants. The poor sourgrass was almost completely dried out, mainly because I forgot to water it during the hot spell. I gave it some water this evening, but it could still end up desiccated for the remainder of the season. The gardenia bush was also getting some yellow leaves on it, and the few flowers it got this year were wilting and turning brown. I don't know if the watering I gave it tonight will invigorate it sufficiently to produce more blossoms. I hope so. They add a nice fragrance to the summer nights.

I hope to go shopping on Friday this week, as Friday will be cooler than Sunday, but I don't know if transportation will be available. It would be nice to live closer to the stores, so I could walk to them— although that part of town is noisier than it is over here on the edge, and the lights are brighter there and dim the stars at night. As I get older I'm getting more willing to make that trade-off, though. But then I don't know if I'd be willing to go to the trouble of moving. And I don't know what I'd do about the feral cats. I suppose it's best if I just stay where I am. And as long as I'm staying here I think I'll go out and enjoy the quiet evening and dark sky for a while now.

Oh, I forgot. This morning I saw a cloud shaped like a ship's anchor, and as I watched there was a shifting about of the vapors and the shank of the anchor was transformed into a mast and its arms into the hull of a sloop. The ephemeral sails were translucent, and shone brightly. The boat only lasted for a brief time before being torn apart by the wind I couldn't feel down here on earth. It was an impressive sight while it lasted, but it made me a bit sad when it was transformed back into commonplace cloud so soon. I don't suppose I'll ever see another like it.