June 6th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Disrupty Brainfry

Today has been one of those very strange days. I woke up earlier than expected, and hadn't really had enough sleep. Toward afternoon I began thinking about getting ready to go to the chiropractor. When my transportation fell through last week I had to reschedule, and so I had an appointment for five o'clock... Tuesday afternoon. Yes, all day I thought it was Tuesday. I got ready and sat waiting fro my ride, and when it hadn't come by ten minutes to five I had that temporal epiphany that said you dolt, this is Monday!

After that I fell asleep, and didn't wake up until half past nine. Then it was time to put the wheelie bins out, and try to refill the feral cats' water bowls in the dark. I'm still groggy, and wondering what sort of sleep schedule I'll end up with tonight and tomorrow. And tomorrow I have to get ready all over again fro my actual appointment. Oh, and I have to fix some dinner.

I'm going to blame the heat for all this, though the indoor heat is partly my own fault. Though I woke up earlier than I expected it was still too late to close the windows before the days rising heat had infested the house, and because I fell asleep before opening the windows this evening they stayed closed at least two extra hours, hoarding the day's heat. The actual appointment pre-disrupts tomorrow, so things may not get back to vaguely normal until Wednesday.

Anyway. Right now what I really want is something cold to drink. I'll go drink it outside, while I wait for the house to get a bit cooler. There's no way I'm turning the air conditioner on this early in the year. I want to get at least one power bill that's less than fifty dollars this year.