June 4th, 2016


Party On, Dudes

All day we had a gray overcast, but it still got very warm. About half an hour ago I heard a single clap of thunder, and then rain falling. This was quite unexpected. Meanwhile, at the house on the corner they have been having a boisterous party in their back yard all the balmy evening, and to my surprise it continued (and grew even more boisterous) while the rain was falling.

I suspect that the party has to do with their youngest daughter, who is about the right age to be graduating from high school this year. The kids apparently weren't going to let a little rain spoil their fun. The party is still going strong, but the storm seems to be breaking up, as I don't hear any more raindrops falling. The night certainly smells nice, though, now that everything is damp.

This morning I didn't wake up early enough to get the windows cosed and the fan turned off before the day got uncomfortably warm. The house was thus too warm all day. Fortunately the evening cooled off fairly early, and with the windows open again the house should be fairly comfortable by midnight. The outside is already quite comfortable, but I can't hear myself think out there. I don't know how late the party will be going on. The feral cats are nowhere to be seen, and I'm guessing they went into hiding as soon as the ruckus started and won't be back until it's over.

Personally I don't mind the party noise. It's making me nostalgic for Los Angeles, where there would be loud parties in my neighborhood at least once a month during the warmer half of the year. But this party tonight has only recorded music, and most of that is dull, while the parties in Los Angeles often had live bands. A couple of times I recognized Los Lobos, and a couple of other well known Chicano rock bands played occasionally, and a few times, when the parties were for older people, there would be mariachi or norteño bands.

Then, around midnight, the police would arrive and break the party up, and after an hour or so of low riders cruising the block with their radios booming and patrol cars following them, it would turn quiet, as most of Los Angeles was wont to do late at night, and I could contemplate the wonders of the evening in repose. Gee, I miss that place. My feral cats probably would have hated it, though.