May 19th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The sound of rain on the roof woke me from an unintentional evening nap a while ago, but by the time I got outside it had reverted to drizzle. There was an overcast all afternoon, and I thought the rain predicted for tomorrow might arrive early, so I wasn't surprised. Right now the clouds have thinned, and there is intermittent moonlight, but I'm hoping the rain will come back.

I did hear a bit of very distant thunder, but can't tell if it's in the valley or in the mountains. If it's in the valley it's more likely to pass this way, and I'd rather not have it. Too much chance of a power outage. If it's in the mountains, though, it's more likely to start a fire, so six of one and half a dozen of the other.

The damp smells very nice, and the jasmine has finally started to send its perfume into the air, so the night is highly, if somewhat complexly, scented. The rain could fall off and on for the next two days. If there's enough of it I can avoid irrigating the plants for at least another week. It's not supposed to get too cold, so I won't need to run the furnace, and thus will save a bit on both the gas and water bills next month. This would be very pleasing.

English people were supposed to murder one another on PBS tonight, but the murderer turned out to be Italian. Not a huge disappointment, but a bit annoying. At least most of the victims were English. Even when murdered by foreigners, the English manage to die with so much originality!