April 5th, 2016

caillebotte_the orangerie

Wind (the Pleasant Kind)

So I managed to wake up in time to get to the chiropractor, but the shortage of sleep has left me dopey. The slightly surreal feeling the world takes on in this circumstance has been augmented today by periods of wind that have blown much pollen about, inducing much sneezing and additional muddleheadedness. In fact I think might have rattled my brain loose.

The wind is fairly warm tonight, though not warm enough that I could leave my windows open. I have gone outside periodically to enjoy the bluster, and only had to dodge debris falling from an oak once (it was a small, dead branch.) The sky is perfectly clear and the wind has set the stars to twinkling rapidly. It's like hundreds of tiny strobes in the sky. Watching the scene is almost as enjoyable as the period this afternoon when the wind died down to a gentle breeze and I sat in the back yard listening to the birds chirp and the bees buzz.

When it gets this windy there's an increased chance of power outages, so I'm going to let the computer go to sleep early. I'll watch television instead, and if the cable box gets a power surge, well, that's Comcast's problem. I've certainly paid them (probably overpaid them) enough over the years to cover the value of a box.