March 17th, 2016

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Rude Awakening

A sudden large meal in a string of smaller meals can bring perils. Last night the peril was that I'd fall asleep too early, and that's exactly what I did. Falling asleep too early last night means that I woke up too early today— like half past three early, after first dozing off before ten o'clock last night. I didn't get fully to sleep until around eleven thirty, but that followed two hours of vain attempts to rouse myself from the couch and clean up the kitchen and post something to LJ and clean Portia's litter box and turn down the furnace. None of it got done.

Now, having slept for four hours in a room that was too hot has left me groggy and with headache, and I don't feel like cleaning the kitchen or the litter box, and it's too late to post to LJ yesterday. So pretty much all I've done is turn down the furnace and write this sad early Thursday entry. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I feel hungover and all I drank was one lousy beer with my over-sized dinner last night. That's what my t-shirt should say, if LJ were a t-shirt. Oh, hell, I'm babbling. Maybe I should just shut up and try to go back to sleep.

Awake Again

The last few evenings I've seen (or heard) a pair of geese fly over the neighborhood just after sunset. Last night they were visible for the first time. They fly low, and had previously been east of the house and hidden the tall pines in that direction, but last night they flew above the houses across the street to the west, so I got a clear view of them. I think only one of them is honking, because it sounds like only one voice. Individual birds usually have a slightly different sound to them.

Like the birds I heard this afternoon but never saw. There were several of them, and their calls came from all directions. It is an odd call, starting with a single note, then a second note that starts higher and falls, then three identical notes either the same tone as the first or slightly higher or lower. I have no idea what species they are, but I love listening to them. Because they remained out of view it was as though the sky itself was calling, which lent an air of mystery to the day.

After being awake several hours early this morning I finally got back to sleep about eleven o'clock, and didn't wake up until after three in the afternoon, so there's no telling when I'll sleep next. I hope my schedule isn't too screwed up, as I've arranged to go shopping tomorrow, to avoid the rain that is due on Sunday. I hate to go shopping when I've had too little sleep.

Anyway, I still have to fix something for dinner. After last night's enormous meal I was so stuffed I thought I might not eat again for a week, but I am actually getting hungry now, after eating nothing but a donut and a couple of cookies all day. I think I've still got a small frozen tamale I could microwave. It would be batter with a sauce on it, but I've had no luck making that stuff properly (I believe it's mole poblano that goes on tamales), and the only ready-made brand they sell in stores around here is unspeakably vile. I'll make do with cheese and some salsa.