March 4th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Wino Rain

Despite some periods of rather intense rain this afternoon I managed to get to the stores and back without getting soaked. It was good timing, mostly. The cloudbursts came while I was in the stores, and there were only light sprinkles while I was going to and from the car in each parking lot. I also spent a bit less than I'd expected, even though I bought a corkscrew and now may open that bottle of wine I bought last week.

The rain is supposed to get more intense over the next couple of days, and high winds are expected to last from Saturday afternoon through early Sunday morning. It will definitely be power outage weather. In fact I heard a bit of thunder a short time ago, so I intend to shut the computer down as soon as I post this entry. If the storm makes things go terribly catawampus, this might be my last entry for a couple of days. I hope it won't come to that, though.

But first, I got the bottle of wine open and let it breathe a few minutes, and I'm ready to make my report on the 2013 Bushwood Estate Old Vine Zinfandel from California's Sierra foothills: I detect hints of skunk, freshly poured cement, sauerkraut, alum, a shitload of alcohol, and just the faintest note of slightly overripe fruit. On other words, Zinfandel. Congratulations, Bushwood Estate, to both your bush and your wood! Beavis and Butthead acknowledge that this wine will get your ass drunk. Success!