March 3rd, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

A Story

It has long been known that, when things aren't going their way politically, some people will look to a Man On a White Horse to put things right and save them.

In the second decade of the 21st Century certain Americans, unable to find a Man On a White Horse, made do by following a Horse's Ass of a White Man.

"Close enough for rock 'n' roll," they said.

Croaking of Various Kinds

I am now almost certain that there is a large frog in my back yard. While there is a type of bird in the area with a call that sounds almost exactly the the croaking of a large frog, those birds are not in the habit of hanging out on the ground, which is where I heard the croak coming from this afternoon. I didn't see the creature itself, the sound coming from under or behind part of the jasmine hedge, so I can't absolutely swear that it's a frog, but it's the most plausible explanation. Two of the feral cats were in the yard at the time and displayed no interest in the unaccustomed sound, which is another indication that it probably isn't a bird. It also might indicate that the cats aren't going to try to eat or kill the frog.

However, while the yard was nice and wet today thanks to a decent amount of rain, it's going to be terribly dry this summer, and I'll have to use the irrigation water sparingly, so I wouldn't want to be that frog once the rainy season ends. I don't see it surviving the summer if it hasn't found some wetter place to live by then. If water were still cheap and plentiful I wouldn't mind keeping part of the yard wet for it, but those conditions no longer obtain here. Water was cheap and plentiful in the neighborhood of suburban Los Angeles where I grew up, and more than once I had a frog or two living in my back yard there. I provided them with extra water, but then my parents were paying for it. Had I had to buy it out of my allowance the frog probably would have died. I mean I liked frogs, but not enough to give up the other stuff I bought when I was a kid.

The rain has not been too vigorous today, and I hope it isn't tomorrow, as I've arranged to go shopping then instead of Sunday. Sunday is now expected to have some torrential rains, and I'd rather not get caught in them. If I get caught in a torrential rain tomorrow and then none occur Sunday afternoon I'll be kicking myself Sunday evening, but at least I'll be kicking myself with dry shoes on.

I've got a frozen lasagna to bake for dinner, and (though I haven't checked the guide yet) I believe there will be English people murdering one another on PBS tonight. Italian food, and English characters getting croaked! A perfect Thursday evening!