February 25th, 2016

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


There are tiny leaves sprouting on the oak trees. They are apt to suffer through some blustery days in March, and I hope their numbers won't be diminished by them. Nothing must threaten the summer shade we need so badly, nor thin the foliage that blocks the streetlight on the next block from flooding my back yard all night, as it does in winter. I'd also prefer not to have the buds now emerging on the lilac bushes get frostbite. In short, now that spring has begun so early there would be unfortunate consequences should winter decide to come back.

Whatever might happen in March winter will not come back tonight, so I'm going to spend some time listening to the frogs and looking at the mostly bare trees before the first get dried out and the others get covered up. Then I'm going to try to sleep, even though I got up way too late again today and am not very tired. Right now I've run out of ideas.