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The smoke from the fire was not as dark today as it was Friday, and remained mostly to the south all day, but a short time ago I began smelling it here. The fire had expended to 2,700 acres by this evening, but is now 20% contained. It has moved from the grass and scrub brush into oak and digger pine woodlands at higher elevations, and there have been a lot of people evacuated. It's still early in the fire season, so this sort of thing could be going on for months yet.

There's still plenty of water in the lakes for the aerial tankers to haul to the fires, thanks to the heavy snow last winter. The streams are running cold and fast, and people are being warned of a risk of hypothermia in the water at the same time they are bing warned of heat stroke. It's just being a very odd year.

I'm really looking forward to Sunday now. It was supposed to go above 100 again, but is now predicted to reach only 96. The low temperature Sunday night/Monday morning could drop all the way to 68. After the last couple of days that will seem almost pleasant. I'm hoping my brain will at least partly recover and be functional again, too. Oh, and that I get some sleep. I only slept five hours again last night. It's a wonder I remember how to use the keyboard. Now let's see if I remember how to post an entry.

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