rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Back to Swelter

I should be shopping tomorrow. It's going to be terribly hot, but it's going to be hot all weekend and most of next week, and as I have to go to the stores I might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible. I've got a very short list of stuff to buy, but some of it is essential. My half-and-half went sour ahead of its time this week, and I've gone without since Tuesday. I suspect that the store didn't have it fully refrigerated for some amount of time, and that gave it a head start on souring. If the supply at that store feels at all warm this week I think I'll buy some at the other store, even though the other store doesn't have the brand I prefer and charges more for the brand they do have. It could prove cheaper in the long run, if I don't have to discard any.

The poor feral cats outdoors looked terribly bedraggled today, and Portia got out (by breaking a window screen) and then refused to come back in despite the heat. She will probably insist on staying out all night, now that it's a bit cooler out there than it is in here. It's unlikely that having the windows open will cool the house tonight, as it's only going down to 72 outside, which means I probably won't get it below 75 inside. That means I'll probably have to run the air conditioner for a while tomorrow if I expect to be able to dry off after taking a shower. Sweating faster than my towel can wipe it away is one of the worst things about summer.

The house would probably get a bit cooler if the accumulated heat in the attic could be vented, but there is no wind to speak of, and thus the turbine atop the house is not moving the hot air out. I really wish my parents had invested in a new electric attic fan instead of having that turbine installed. Sure, it saves energy in its own operation, but it operates most efficiently in the windy winters when I don't need the attic vented, and least efficiently in the still and sweltering summers when I do. Then I have to use energy to replace the lost heat in winter and cool the house in summer. That turbine is false economy 101. Don't ever get one if you live in this sort of climate.

I have something in the freezer I want to get rid of, so I ought to have it for dinner, but it's going to require using the regular oven for about twelve minutes. I suppose when it's this hot a little extra heat won't be that noticeable, but I do wish the thing would microwave nicely. It just doesn't. Ah, well. At least I get some beer.

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