December 20th, 2015

caillebotte_man at his window


It's been another drizzly day, most of which I slept through. The rain is still falling, and will continue through tomorrow, probably becoming more intense. It's actually expected to get a bit warmer overnight, and tomorrow it will rise into the mid-forties, so even though I saw a bit of white slush falling with the rain this afternoon there will be no snow. The storm is bringing its own heat, courtesy of El Nino.

Sleeping a long time has left me groggy. I've got the feeling that when I eat dinner it might put me right back to sleep, though maybe Portia will decide to keep me awake. She's been sleeping all day herself, and is probably about to wake up with plenty of energy to keep her going all night. I lack the energy to keep going for the next ten minutes, and maybe I won't even bother to eat dinner. This would be a good night for popcorn instead. Maybe I'll make some as soon as I finish this.

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