December 15th, 2015



The one feral cat who hasn't been fixed, a big, male, brown tabby with white paws, is not feeling well. He is sneezing and has breathing issues, and sounds like he's snoring even when he's awake. Last night he took over the back porch cupboard where Shorty, the black cat, usually sleeps in cold weather, and I don't want to dislodge him when he is so obviously unwell. I don't know where Shorty is sleeping now, but it's somewhere north of the porch. He might be curling up in some leaves that have accumulated between a trash can and the fence.

The tabby is in the cupboard again tonight, and breathing loudly. There's a pillow in the cupboard, but nothing else to keep the cold off. This is the worst time of year for a kitty to get sick, and I hope the other feral cats don't catch whatever it is. If Shorty got it I could probably let him into the back room for a few nights, though I'd have to keep Portia out of there as she doesn't like him. The tabby wouldn't come indoors for anything. He won't even get within five feet of me, but Shorty lets me pet him sometimes, and it wouldn't take much to coax him indoors.

Today was chiropractor day, and it wasn't a very difficult adjustment, so I'm not expecting any problem sleeping tonight. Of course it's so chilly that I might get myself unadjusted if I pile on too many blankets. I'll probably just leave the furnace on a bit higher tonight, though the current bill was much larger than I'd hoped it would be. January's bill is inevitably larger than December's, so next month's bill is likely to make me faint when I open it. Maybe I should pick up some smelling salts.

Tonight I'm going to pick up some extra heat by using the regular oven to heat some frozen French fries. They're much better when heated in the regular oven rather than the microwave. They make a nice late night snack in the winter, and will be a nice change from popcorn.

Oh, I stopped at K-mart on the way home and picked up a new hoodie. My oldest one is getting a bit frayed around the cuffs and hem, and the new one was on sale for half price, so it was time. Maybe I'll put the old one in the cupboard for the feral cat. I'll have to wait until he gets out of it, though, as he would freak out if I tried to stick it in there with him.