November 28th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Saturday is Dull

This afternoon I decided to rake the half of the back lawn that is farthest from the walnut tree. It might stay fairly clear, though it does get some leaves from the oaks. I didn't get around to putting the pile into the wheelie bin, though. Maybe I'll have energy for that tomorrow. As it was, my toes were getting numb and my ears were tingling from the cold, so I came back indoors for hot tea and biscotti, with which I probably ruined my dinner. I won't feel like eating now until about nine o'clock, but no big deal as that will give the potatoes plenty of time to bake.

Besides making my toes numb and my ears tingle the other thing the cold is doing is making me nostalgic for winter in Los Angeles. It's partly the food I miss (87.39% of all eating establishments in Los Angeles have better cooks than myself) but I also miss the milder days. It can get pretty cold on Los Angeles at night, but the days tend to be merely bracingly cool. Also when the wind blows there it tends to get warmer rather than colder, so I don't have icy denim flapping against my legs.

I was hoping to watch English people murder one another on PBS tonight, but I just checked the schedule and it turns out the channel that usually shows that has something else on as part of their fund raising. Rats. I'll have to put up with shows without cadavers people tonight I hope it doesn't ruin my appetite.